In December 2021, we had the opportunity to bring our whole team together from different cities of PK. Epic company, great food, and a night to remember.


There is never a dull day at Embrace Technologies. We believe that positive attitudes and positive actions make for a positive workplace culture. Our leadership style encourages teamwork, open and honest communication which has helped us in cultivating an inclusive and relaxed culture.


Our very happening hiking trip from 2021 where we hiked to Miiranjani top instead of Mushkpuri top. Half the team gave up hope but most of us made it to the top. This was by Embrace team’s most challenging hike till now.


2020 was tough on all of us and WFH bought new challenges in maintaining our company culture. Here is a snippet of what our team missed the most while working from home


Our celebrations are incomplete without custom cakes. The achievements of our team have helped us grow into what we are today. We are grateful and obliged for the countless contributions of Embrace team.