Accelerate great ideas into innovative solutions, without disrupting your daily operations or increasing your overhead expenses. We work on a fixed price basis, delivering quality solutions on time and in accordance with the requirements, while allowing you to avoid extra charges.

What We Offer:

Fixed Cost Project is an agreement to deliver a specific, well-defined project within a given time frame. We understand that it is hard to pull time and energy from ongoing activities and work on innovative ideas that require different competencies from your current ones. We gather the resources needed and offer our assistance throughout every phase of your project. Dedicated resources are invoiced at a fixed monthly price and ad-hoc specialists by the hour. It is upto you to decide if you want to include project management in the package or deploy your own project manager.

What You Receive:

If you want to keep focus on your ongoing projects and need someone to manage a new project for you, we are here to help you. From architecture to custom solutions development – we will take care of each step of the project life-cycle. We plan resources wisely to ensure successful project implementation within the required timeline. Once agreed, we will lock in the price and keep the budget stable throughout the entire project life-cycle. Our specialists can efficiently plan and manage their day-to-day activities under reduced or no supervision.

How to Proceed