When starting a new project, companies often face difficulty in adding resources to an existing team or finding a special set of skills. We offer our highly skilled experts with necessary hands-on experience in all areas to reinforce your solution’s capability.

What We Offer:

We offer a flexible and integrated extension to your current organization. In this way, you can add a missing skill set to your existing internal team while maintaining the strategic competencies in-house. You agree to take on a minimum of 3 full-time developer resources from one of our offshore divisions. You also agree to use the team for 1 year minimum, with the option to prolong, all at a fixed monthly cost.

What You Receive:

Your team will be put together to match your business needs and technologies, as well as your organisation. The key is to seamlessly integrate our resources into your current organisation, and to provide you with the extra skills to drive your business forward without the hassle of recruitment, training and administration. Embrace-it handles all that; we help educate and make sure that the team understands your business and your industry. You will have full control over the project while keeping direct communication with the team. The team can be efficiently scaled at any time depending on the project needs.

How to Proceed